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Our mission is to offer a service like no one else, we are specialists in what we do, with a very high standard of working and offering a complete commercial kitchen cleaning service including Ovens, Canopies, Ducting and Much More! We make our pricing as transparent as possible so there is never any confusion or unexpected costs and we can usually quote via email with pictures of which kitchen area’s and appliances need cleaning.

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Customer service is the key to our business and we pride ourselves on making sure everyone of our customers are 100% Happy with the services we provide.

Why Should My Commercial Kitchen Be Professionally Cleaned?

The build up of grease, carbon and fat deposits in commercial kitchens is a fire risk and if kitchen duct cleaning is not carried out this can help spread the fire very quickly. If you do not get your equipment cleaned regularly your insurance may be invalid. It is now a requirement of insurance companies that all grease extraction ducting is cleaned frequently by an accredited specialist company who can provide a certificate and photo evidence that the work has been carried out.

It is no longer a question of whether or not you should get this done you HAVE to get it done so now the only question is which company should you use?

That is where CleanSmart Commercial comes in, We have all the experience, tools and accreditation needed to do the job right first time and with as little impact on your kitchen and profits as possible.

We also recommend using specialist kitchen duct cleaning services as well as commercial oven cleaning to ensure commercial kitchens are kept clean and free from grease or fat deposits; which promotes healthy public food preparation and ensures food prep areas remain hygienic, this will greatly improve your food hygiene rating.

Grease Extraction Cleaning

The Problem

  • Accumulated grease build up within the system are a common causes of fires in commercial kitchens, Just having the hood cleaned is not sufficient as much of the grease builds up in the duct.
    Your insurance could become null and void if you can not prove these works have been carried out to industry standards.
  • Typically duct cleaners can only remove the grease from where they can reach and Dry Ventilation cleaning companies try to use the same methods as removing dust, it doesn’t work particularly in a heavy soiled duct.Commercial kitchen cleaning Kent


We have invested in the latest equipment on the market by using robotic type brushes that spray hot Foam within side the hoods and ducts removing any grease build up within. We provide video inspection using cameras that can be inserted up to 30 metres at a time, ensuring cleaning has been carried out throughout the whole system.


  • You will have complied with the law
  • The system will work more efficiently
  • Your staff will not be complaining.
  • Peace of mind with our picture perfect Service the ducts are cleaned throughout

How Often Should I Get My Commercial Equipment Cleaned

A recommendation of the frequency of cleans necessary, based on usage, so that a kitchen that is subject to:

  • light use (between two and six hours each day) should deep clean ducts and extraction systems every twelve months.
  • medium-use (used between six and twelve hours each day) duct cleaning should take place every six months
  • heavy use (between twelve and sixteen hours each day) should clean their vents every three months.

Industry Standards For Duct Cleaning:

  • The industry standard for grease extraction systems encompasses canopies, fans, filters and ducting is set by HVCA (The Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association).  Its best practice guide, TR/19, Part 7 sets out
  • The level of contamination that is allowed before a complete clean is required
  • The required post-clean measurement

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